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VPN Reviews - We tested over 300 VPN providers in 2021

Liam Smith | Updated on 11th September 2021
International tech geek, Conference speaker, Cybersecurity journalist

Short introduction: we tested over 300+ VPNs in year 2021 alone. There are only few that really stand tall among the competition.

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The idea of reading field-tested reviews is really good for customers looking to buy the best VPN for their needs. This is why we want to help people finding the most suitable VPN for them. Many people want different things from VPN from internet-security to unblocking geos to access restricted content. We welcome you to the world largest VPN review website, hopefully you’ll find yourself a perfect solution.

VPN is the best tool to make your online privacy and security well more protected. In this page you can find important information about VPN providers and read full review of them if you want. All listed VPNs are field tested to see whether they work like they say. We have also written extensive articles about the use of VPN and how to use it better.

Without further a do, here are our top picks for year 2021.


NordVPN - Enjoy privacy and entertainment with no headaches


ExpressVPN - Most popular VPN provider in the world


CyberGhost - Cheap alternative to all premium VPNs


What is a VPN review and how i can benefit from it?

Product reviews are good in every aspect. They give you in-depth information about product and how they work, plus they also give you experiences from other customers. This way you know really well what you are getting yourself into.

But you can read reviews from internet forums and so on, how is this different?

What we have found is that information many VPNs give in their websites are very different than what they promised. This is why we test every VPN before we write a comprehensive review about them.

LegitVPN compares VPN services

LegitVPN.com writes reviews about all different VPNs and guides how to use them. We also often ask our readers to give their experiences about using them. We only write what is said about those products everything is transparent.

Our website is free to use and gives good view about different VPNs with a quick glance.

With us you can find best prices, offers, in-depth views and much more. So make sure to start your VPN journey from our website. Even our name says it, we are transparent, completely legit.

Our comparisons only show services that are popular and well known everywhere. We save you from headaches caused by malicious softwares and bad people.

What makes VPN good and how we review them

We always test every VPN very thoroughly to find out how they really work. The aspects we usually look most into are: speed, safety and security, price and budget. You need our honest review because not every VPN is what they say they are.

The testing we do with every provider consists of:

Speed: we test every service capability with upload and download speeds. We also want them not to chunk your computers performance.

Security and privacy: what is a VPN without proper security? Nothing. This is why we take a really close look at its security features such as encryption and no-log policy.

Use and purposes: we known that every VPN provider needs to deliver good service for entertainment and performance. This is why we test these service with unblock geos, streaming and much more.

Torrenting and p2p: torrenting and downloading still plays a huge role with VPNs. This is why we test that they really work.

Compatibility: every VPN should work in every device and location no matter how cheap it is. This is why our test also includes cross-device testing with different systems and devices such as Windows, Anroind, IOS, Linux, Mac, Amazon etc.

We write guides you'll like

We love writing guides and you will see why when you read them. Guides play vital role with VPNs too, because you can just pay and take one service and expect it to work like a charm.

We wrote guides to each and every situation you might come up to when it comes to use of VPNs.

These are the most common guides that you can too follow:


These guides include in-depth information and testing about different VPNs features. So if you are a tourist in China on just searching a good quality VPN for streaming movies and soap operas you’ll find your answer there.

Because the use of VPN is becoming more and more popular, we will write new guides whenever a new problem or thing occurs. So make sure you hit our website to favorites or at least bookmark it for your friends.

Here are our reviews of the worlds leading VPN providers

Like we said, we tested over 300 VPNs in this year and there are still few providers that are going strong and keeping their growth even more exponential.

All of this VPNs offer free trials, so you can test them and make your own decision to keep using them if you like.

NordVPN – Best overall VPN

NordVPN in great VPN provider with affordable prices. At the time of writing this article, they have thousands of servers in over 55 countries across the world. Unlimited torrent options, strong no-log policy and super compatibility with favorite streaming platforms. Start your 30 day free trial here.


ExpressVPN – Most popular option out there

ExpressVPN has been amongst the worlds most popular VPNs for a decade. They offer strong encryption, super performance speed and high-quality streaming with no-log policy. They have servers in over 90 countries which is huge benefit in the industry. Start your 30 day free trial here.


CyberGhost – Our top pick for cheap VPNs

CyberGhost is one of the cheapest VPN providers that offer quality. This is almost the only case where you can get high-quality VPN almost for free. High-quality streaming, unlimited torrents and servers in over 90 countries. We can say that this VPN packs a premium punch with only few dollars a month. Start you free 45 day trial here.


And of course there are few providers that almost belong to the top-list and are granted a honorable mention by us.