CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhostVPN logoCyberGhost is currently a very popular VPN server provider based in Romania with an extensive server network worldwide: more than 6,000 servers in 90 countries. The service enables the simultaneous connection of 7 different devices and a very fast connection without customer logs. In addition, the service offers a 45-day money back guarantee. Check out the other advanced features of CyberGhost below and order a working VPN connection for yourself today.

Products and pricing

CyberGhost’s selection is guaranteed to have something for every budget. There are three different orders to choose from for each application. The one-month order is € 12.99 per month and is slightly above the market average. However, this does not mean that you could not buy CyberGhost’s VPN service even a little cheaper.

If you order the product right away for a year, it only costs 5.99 euros per month. The price of a two-year subscription is already 3.69 euros per month. On the other hand, if you are guaranteed that you and CyberGhost are a working equation, you can purchase the service for three years at a time for a monthly price of € 2.64. The longer you commit to the trade, the cheaper you get it. Often, the longest contract also includes free months.

And as already stated: CyberGhost really offers its customers just over 45 days money back guarantee, if for one reason or another you would not be completely satisfied with the service.

CyberGhost accepts monthly payments through the credit / debit features of debit cards or through the PayPal service. In addition to these, the customer can also pay using bitcoin, which allows anonymity to be maintained.

Plans and pricing

Important properties

CyberGhost is a company based in Romania, which is especially good news for those who value their privacy and are happy to remain anonymous when using VPN servers. In Romania, more general data retention laws do not apply in other countries. The EU recommends to most of its member states. Systematic compliance with these data retention laws is monitored by the so-called Five Eyes and Fourteen Eyes.

The Romanian Constitutional Court overturned the local implementation of the EU Data Retention Directive as early as 2014. The same court also annulled the Romanian law on cybersecurity, which very effectively made it impossible for intelligence services and law enforcement to collect data by all means.

CyberGhost has an impressive 6,000 VPN servers in 90 countries. Among these, a few surprising locations were also found, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Israel.

Security and privacy

CyberGhost advertises itself as a VPN service provider that uses “Defense Security Level Encryption”. In practice, this means that CyberGhost uses the AES-256 code. From Romania, providing a VPN is a fruitful location due to already established data encryption laws, especially compared to countries like the US or the UK, where all your data (even connected to a VPN) is never 100% secure.

CyberGhost uses the already mentioned 256-bit AES code with its 2048-bit RSA key and HMAC MD5 as its encryption technology. These standards for security encryption technology are generally satisfactory, although it is surprising to note that HMAC MD5 technology is used in conjunction with authentication. In view of the above, it is certainly good news for all parties that CyberGhost has taken it upon itself to develop the SHA-2 authentication it uses in the most appropriate way possible.

CyberGhost uses all possible security measures and is ready to continuously develop them. A random identification key is generated for each session, making the VPN connection even more secure.

While CyberGhost praises it for not collecting customer logs, a few session logs are known to be collected. However, log files are kept to an absolute minimum: “CyberGhost only records non-personal information for statistical monitoring purposes (such as servers used), the collection of which does not in any way compromise the anonymity of users”.

Safe and anonymous

Website and customer support

CyberGhost’s pages are clear and user-friendly. Different sections of the website, such as features, pricing and servers, can be found easily and quickly even for a new visitor. All in all, the pages have been created systematically as well as flawlessly, which guarantees a smooth user experience for those interested in a VPN connection.

When you sign in to your CyberGhost account, using it is smooth and worry-free – especially if you’ve subscribed to the Premium Plus package and can really manage all your devices at once. Premium users also have access to CyberGhost’s customer support shortcut when they need it.

A blog can also be found on CyberGhost’s website, which is constantly updated with the latest useful news and nipple information. A highly professional blog was an additional element that would seem to be missing for the most part from VPN providers ’pages.

Another nice addition is the so-called transparency page, which is constantly on display in public – with no login requirements. On this page, CyberGhost shares information on how many DMCA requests as well as law enforcement contacts it has received in the last three years. In addition, there is a country-specific page that lists abuse on CyberGhost servers.

CyberGhost’s website only gets a minus due to the lack of some languages. For such a complex matter, it would be an advantage if the information could be found in one’s own mother tongue.

Customer support

The customer support of the website is functional, created with a professional touch and easy to use. You can contact customer service via live chat or email.

In addition to this, there is also a comprehensive FAQ section on the website with instructions and solutions to any questions you may have. Customer service will respond to inquiries in minutes. The responses received in both live chat and email were professional, which is important specifically for the customer.

How to use CyberGhost VPN?

Signing up doesn’t take much of your time. All you add is your email and payment information and your journey as a CyberGhost subscriber begins. If you want to maintain your anonymity from the very first step, we recommend an anonymous or encrypted e-mail service such as Protonmail or Tutano.

If you wish, you can encrypt your personal information using Bitcoin as a means of payment. However, it is good to keep in mind that CyberGhost will obtain your IP address in this case as well, as is always the case with VPN servers.

Once you’ve installed the program, simply go to the Account Management page and install the program on the platform of your choice. After completing the installation, you can log in with your CyberChost username and password from the login section in the top corner of the pages. Select the server you want, connect to it, and start using the CyberGhost VPN server.

Performance metrics


Connection speeds at CyberGhost work brilliantly in Europe and flawlessly across the Atlantic, albeit understandably a little slower due to longer distances. In any case, browsing and streaming also played well with the VPN.

It is good to note that the use of private RFC IPs only works with local IP addresses. They cannot be used to identify an individual or form a leak.