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VPN Guides - learn everything you need to know about the use of VPNs

Liam Smith | Updated on 12th September 2021
International tech geek, Conference speaker, Cybersecurity journalist

This part of the website covers every information you need to know about VPN services.

Do you want to know how VPN works and how to use it, or how to get one for free? We got you! The guides below will full fill all your questions with a glance.

VPN guides are informational articles or books that cover the topic. We made this section for every people in the world who want to use VPNs.

LegitVPN.com knows that people have heard about VPNs but are not sure how they work or how they are used. We go in-depth in every tutorial and answer all the questions regarding the topic. We try to be as basic and easy as possible.

Security and privacy are must in the modern world. That is why we want everybody to know how to search internet secure and anonymously without interruptions.

Why VPNs are becoming more and more popular?

VPNS are catching traction, but why? We think that it is due to the fact, that more and more people understand how coding and internet really works. That makes more and more people capable of taking action with unorthodox methods that might cause problems for one.

VPNs (virtual private networks) are the safest, easiest and cheapest way to increase online privacy and security. Few bucks a month can save you from a lot of headaches and help you sleep your nights better.

Today VPNs are becoming more and more popular. And the reasons are clear.

We got you! Search for the right guides

We got you covered. What you want to know about VPNs? Find every possible information about VPNs such as how to install one? How to use them? Is it legal? What advantages it brings? And so on.

Every people in the world should know about advantages and disadvantages of VPNs. They offer wide variety of properties and uses that many may have not even thought.

How to buy VPN anonymously
Updated: 25.8.2021
Advantages of using VPN

Advantages of using VPN

Disadvantages of using VPN

Disadvantages of using VPN

VPNs work with every device and software

VPNs are designed to work in every device and software, the system does not matter. This way you can easily buy and set-up VPN on your laptop and quickly move it on your mobile phone.

We know that there are still a lot of different systems used when browsing the internet such as Anroid, IOS, Linux, Windows and so on. Fortunately VPNs work on every and each one of the systems so there is no extra headache involved.

VPN can actually be used in every device you have such as router, smart tv, tablet, laptop and desktop.

So basically you can buy one VPN service and use it in all your devices. Many VPN providers offer up to 7 devices with single purchase.

VPN software can be used for many different things

Because VPNs have become increasingly popular, many users have found different ways to benefit from it now more than ever. Good example is unblocking geographic restrictions or watching foreign streams with Netflix or HBO.

We wrote guides and tested different VPN providers for these types of activities. You can find them below.

Netflix and VPN
Updated: 23.8.2021
Updated: 23.8.2021
Updated: 23.8.2021