Best VPNs for Netflix

Torrents, P2P (peer-to-peer) and file sharing all mean practically the same thing: acquiring content through the BitTorrent protocol. And if you want to get content securely, using a VPN service is really a must.

BitTorrent is a very powerful way to download files. It does not require centralized servers, which makes it particularly popular with downloaders concerned about copyright infringement. Copyright owners, on the other hand, are very indignant about BitTorrent.

As the above terms (P2P and file sharing) suggest, downloading a torrent also means sharing it with other downloaders.

There is one downside to this feature: all uploaders can see the IP addresses of other uploaders.

It’s no surprise that copyright owners regularly monitor the flow of content they own on the Torrent network. This allows them to prey on the IP addresses of the uploaders. However, a VPN protects against this type of predation if your service provider allows P2P downloading. Not all service providers do that.

Best VPNs for Netflix


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Is it legal to unblock Netflix?

Netflix decided two years ago to add a new term to its Terms of Use. Under the condition, subscribers using VPN to view Netflix can be disconnected immediately. As a result, some subscribers have considered using a VPN on several occasions. To date, however, Netflix has not terminated any subscriptions. Why not?

There is a natural reason for this: Netflix does not want to expel its paying customers. Of course, it reassures content producers that it does its best to prevent people from watching unlicensed content. If customers start being expelled, revenues will decline. And because the service is the same price for all subscribers, it doesn’t matter to Netflix whether users view unlicensed content or not. Indeed, many believe that Netflix added a new term to its terms of use just to please Hollywood content producers.

Hollywood production houses are happy to enter into individual licensing agreements with certain geographic areas. Production houses also sell their contents at varying prices to different countries. Richer countries naturally pay more. Those countries that cannot afford licensing agreements will be left without licenses. VPN is a solution to this problem as well.

What we think of geoblocks

Geoblocks or blocked geographies are zones where something is restricted. China is good example, where you cant access paricular websites because they have blocked it by internet service provider.

But for tourists this is unfortunate. Fortunately there are ways to overcome this block by connecting or routing your internet to a different server that is outside the restricted area. This way you can enjoy any content without restrictions.

When it comes to Netflix there should be nothing that is illegal. The service costs is almost equal in every country it offers it services, but some movies show first in particular locations. By routing internet there you can watch the movie beforehand.

Many people don’t see the legal aspect of this as it is the same as you would travel to the country and watch the movie and then go back. Is that illegal? To us it does not seem like it.

Don't believe everything - false claims

In some contexts, people claim that watching foreign Netflix would not be pirated.

Here comes important thing: don’t believe everything. Keep in mind the example we gave before. Of course there are some laws in some countries that are more powerful than others, but in general if it is for your own use it should not be a problem.

But if you plan on making profit from it, that is really a different story and can lead to strong sanctions.

But as we’ve said, even if Netflix doesn’t actively stop subscribing to its customers, viewing unlicensed content is piracy that can lead to legal action. Watching foreign Netflix is ​​always at your own risk.

Dedicated IP

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix is ​​currently blocking several VPN providers. Blocking is easy for Netflix, because if hundreds or thousands of people try to view content from the same IP address at the same time, it is typically a VPN. In these cases, Netflix simply blocks that IP address and VPN users cannot continue viewing.

However, service providers can easily set up a new server with a new IP address, allowing the business to continue as before. Admittedly, the spiral will continue if Netflix finds again thousands of people are watching movies from the same IP address. The thread can be stopped with individual IP addresses.

Virtual servers are servers owned or leased by service providers to increase the number of IP addresses they provide. With an abundance of IP addresses, customers can be assigned unique IP addresses that allow them to view Netflix just like a normal U.S. household. In these cases, it is virtually impossible for Netflix to know if it is a user who is not actually in the United States.

Unblocking Netflix

Unique IPs work for sure, but because the user of a unique IP address is the only user of that address, it is not as secure as a shared IP address. With a shared IP address, it is difficult to identify what its users are doing to specific users. Of course, it is easy to associate with the user of a unique IP address all the activities that are performed from the IP address. For this reason, we recommend that if you use a unique IP address to view Netflix, that address should not be used to open other content. For other needs, you may want to use shared IP addresses.

With this word of warning, we leave it to you readers to decide what you do. It is up to you whether you decide to seize the opportunity to watch a much wider range of material from foreign Netflixes or whether you are satisfied with the domestic offering. Currently, VPNs seem to be a safe option for Netflix as they do not disconnect in the event of a trap.

Can you use Tor to unblock Netflix?

Tor Browser is a free product that is very similar to VPN. Its operation is based on proxy servers maintained by volunteers, which encrypt users’ network traffic and guarantee anonymity. While this is a workable way to encrypt an IP address, it does not work with Netflix. Tor encrypts its users ’data multiple times to ensure the best possible anonymity. It moves data from one server to another countless times, resulting in a significant slowdown in connection speeds. As a result, digestible streaming becomes virtually impossible. The video becomes choppy and constantly loading.

Of course, it is true that some VPN services also slow down connections significantly. However, for this article, service providers whose connection speeds are guaranteed to be lightning fast and who offer OpenVPN encryption in addition to the identified IP addresses are included in this article. With these features, watching Netflix becomes a pleasure.

Summary for the best VPN for Netflix

Netflix is ​​a top-quality service in terms of value for money, there is no doubt about that. The selection of series, movies and documentaries is dizzying, so it’s no wonder people around the world have become subscribers. Netflix is ​​constantly expanding its quality service to new countries and currently Netflix operates almost everywhere. Unfortunately, in some countries, such as Hong Kong or Spain, which we mentioned, the range is really narrow. If you really want value for your money, we recommend using a VPN.

All of the providers in this article offer both shared and unique IP addresses, making them great for privacy and security. The services of these service providers are reliable, comprehensive and lightning fast. The differences between them are minimal, so it is largely up to your own preferences to decide which service is available.

We are assured that everyone will have the perfect VPN for their needs. We recommend comparing services and ordering what sounds most appropriate. Nice viewing moments!