Private is a Swedish VPN founded in 2009. While not a market leader, it provides a secure and reliable, anonymous VPN connection with remarkable features. High-speed servers are available in major countries, meaning you have easy access to regionally limited content; social media or streaming (streaming) sites. In addition, you can make torrent downloads with PrivateVPN without leaving traces of yourself. So here is my PrivateVPN review where the product is reviewed in detail.

First a few words about Sweden, where this company is headquartered. Sweden is part of the “Fourteen eyes” countries, an alliance of joint signal intelligence created by the United States and the United Kingdom, and that is not a good thing in terms of privacy.

PrivateVPN logo

Products and pricing

There is only one version and it includes all the features. You just decide how long the subscription period you take; 1 month, 3 months or 1 year. As the picture below shows, this is a very affordable VPN. With the offer, there is a 25% discount on the price, which means that you also get a discounted price for a 1-month subscription (same price as with an ExpressVPN annual subscription – although these cannot be compared).

Also keep in mind that this price includes 6 simultaneous connections. So you can protect all your devices, or share connections with family or friends. Plus, if you share your connections, you can also share the cost!

Private VPN offers two ways to try the service; 1 day free trial or money back guarantee for 30 days.


Important properties

I have written many reviews on the VPN, but this I have not seen before. In most cases, you get a simplified interface and a full interface. However, Private VPN offers two full interfaces. The first is for the basic user with server selection and connect buttons. Simple but effective. However, you feel that you are using an application, not a gadget.

If you select the button in the lower right corner of the Advanced interface, you will be taken to the control view where you can select the server location and protocol. Although this VPN offers several protocols, I always recommend using the OpenVPN protocol because it offers the best speed and protection.

In this interface, you can also access the Settings tab where you can customize the program to your liking. As shown in the figure below, the settings are limited. You can actually turn on / off the three functions; Open the application on startup, open the connection on startup, and auto-reconnect. I was curious and looked at what can be found under the language menu… and there was only English! Maybe this menu is for future language updates.

Security and privacy

However, the privacy protection of the VPN provider is very clear. They offer a strict non-logs policy. This service is built to guarantee your privacy online, everywhere. So you can really browse anonymously, on all your devices. PrivateVPN when providing native applications for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. In addition, 6 simultaneous connections ensure that no device is left without protection.

With over 80 servers in 52 countries, you have easy access to the most popular, limited sites. These include Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, through their high-end servers, users can stream videos in HD quality, as well as download torrents.

Unblocking Netflix with PrivateVPN

Yes! If you are looking for a VPN to watch US Neflix at home or stream UK Netflix when you are abroad, this may be the right VPN for you! PrivateVPN provides a custom VPN for Netflix. And they are not lying! Visit their website to see which VPN servers can release Netflix for you to enjoy your favorite programs.

Kill switch

Torrents should not be loaded without the Kill Switch turned on! Therefore, this feature is included in this program and is even turned on by default.

If you don’t know what a Kill Switch is, here’s a brief review; Kill Switch is a setting that blocks all your network traffic if your VPN connection is lost. This is almost essential in Windows today. Otherwise, your operating system may redirect you to the public network past VPN tunneling. This means that you could download files with your visible IP address… Ready for copyright trolls to find.

Dns-leaks and port transfer

This VPN provides effective protection to prevent DNS leaks, for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. So you can be sure that all your requests go through VPN tunneling. This is how your privacy is guaranteed.

If you happen to need a port transfer, it is supported. Admittedly, you will either need to check the server list, or contact them to know which servers are available and how to configure them.

You can use install service

Although this is not actually a feature now, I want to mention this remote installation service. This is the first VPN provider I know that offers this type of service. So if you have problems with the installation, you can let their technical experts take care of the installation for you! If you share some of your rights with non-technical people, even with your parents, this service may be necessary.