Best VPNs for Chrome

It’s very likely that you’re one of the committed users of Google Chrome too – it’s by far the most used web browser in the world. While Google Chrome is a great browser in every way, it’s not immune to security risks. Chrome lets you enjoy endless internet entertainment to the fullest, while exposing your device to a variety of risks. As you browse the web, your web browser constantly collects information about you and shares it with external websites – meaning potential security risks are always there. If this sounds like a nasty fact to you, it’s time to turn on VPN Chrome.

A good VPN keeps your Internet access secure from third parties while also hiding your IP address, encrypting your real location. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Google Chrome securely with VPN, and introduce three great VPN Chrome services. So read more and choose the VPN Chrome that works best for you.

Best VPNs for Chrome


Best CHrome VPN-providers

The best way to protect your Google Chrome browser is to enable full-featured VPN Chrome. It helps protect your privacy, keep your web browsing encrypted, and hide your real IP address. The prerequisite, of course, is that you choose a good and secure VPN service – a bad VPN can act against its purpose and even lead to data breaches. For this reason, it is always better to invest in a decent VPN instead of many free services. It is also essential for worlds VPN users that it is possible to watch popular streaming services abroad, such as Yle Areena. From a domestic perspective, it is one of the most important features of VPN services.

We’ve selected for you the top three VPN Chrome options that are secure, fast, and user-friendly. Check out our list below and secure your own Google Chrome browser.

NordVPN logo

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services on the market, and it is especially suitable for all Google Chrome users. That’s what the jury of the VPN Comparison site thinks is the best Chrome VPN. NordVPN effectively encrypts your information and IP address and does not keep log files of its users. In addition, there are more than 5,000 servers in 61 countries and a very competitive price for longer-term subscriptions. Google Chrome users will enjoy NordVPN’s great extensions, fast servers and effective ad blocking.

ExpressVPN logo

ExpressVPN offers Chrome users top speeds, excellent encryption, and unbeatable usability. With very easy-to-use extensions, you can conveniently customize your ExpressVPN connection settings in your Chrome browser. Although ExpressVPN is more expensive than many of its competitors, it is one of the best and most versatile VPN services on the market, so there is a good reason for the higher price. There are 2,000 servers in more than 90 countries, so there is plenty of choice on this front as well. ExpressVPN effectively circumvents Netflix restrictions, allows torrents to be downloaded, and protects your device very effectively from data leaks. So this is an unbeatable VPN Chrome in all respects!

CyberGhostVPN logo

CyberGhost, with its excellent interface quality, offers a wide range of options for Google Chrome users. First, CyberGhost’s Chrome VPN plug-ins are easy to use and free – plus all the basics, such as strong encryption, an extensive server network, and ease of use, are fine. CyberGhost speeds vary widely depending on the server currently available in more than 3,500 units in 60 countries. Viewing Netflix and downloading torrents is possible, and there is as much as a 45-day money back guarantee, so you can conveniently take CyberGhost to the test.

Free VPN - dont use it!

Information security should always be taken seriously, and playing with free VPN services is simply not worth it. A free VPN is always full of risks and can in no way protect your internet use as well as a decent paid VPN. So we can never recommend using free services – Free VPN Chrome can even compromise your security and wreak havoc behind your back. An excellent VPN really doesn’t cost a fortune, and it effectively encrypts your information, hides your real location, and offers countless other features for secure internet use. You can read our article on using a free VPN service here. Below are a few more top reasons to avoid a free VPN:

  • Endangers your security
  • Collect data about your online behavior
  • Does not allow the use of streaming services
  • Restrict your use of data
  • Can slow down your internet connection considerably
  • Contains ads
  • May even sell your bandwidth.