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What is the best VPN in 2021?

Liam Smith | Updated on 10th September 2021
International tech geek, Conference speaker, Cybersecurity journalist

VPN is currently the most effective way to optimise your safety and cybersecurity for any internet user. But what VPN is the best? From thi page you will find out answer to this question and many useful tips for using VPN.

The best VPN is one that provides you everything you might need (security, unblocks, acess to restricted data) and so on. We have experience from over 200 VPN:s ranging from free to paid versions and we can say that you should never use free VPN software.

There is 3 things you should consinder when choosing a good VPN:

  • Why do you need a VPN?
  • Do you need to use VPN alot?
  • Where you use VPN (gaming, streaming, etc)?

These three basic questions determine what VPN is the best option for particular situation. Some VPN:s offer all properties at once such as security, unblocking and speed.

Actually we have made a lot of tests about VPN:n providers performance and found that there are only three that can beat every other service. They are NordVPN, ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.


NordVPN - Enjoy privacy and entertainment with no headaches

With NordVPN you can easily change your IP address and secure your connection with end to end encryption.


ExpressVPN - Most popular VPN provider in the world

ExpressVPN is premium all-in-one solution for any privacy, security and entertainment needs.


CyberGhost - Cheap alternative to all premium VPNs

CyberGhost is cheap alternative to premium VPNs with fast servers and strong anonymity.


What do best VPN:s offer?

As said earlier, the best VPN providers offer wide variety of services that help you in daily life. There are number of things you can use them for, such as:

Security over public wi-fi: public networks are never secure, even though they have a password to log in. Actually most public wi-fi connections can easily be hacker than the web traffic can be redirected elsewhere or ip can be reversed. By using VPN, not only you secure your data, but also the whole connection turns encrypted so that there is no way a hacker can see what you are up to.

Increased security with online shopping: online shopping is all fun and games until your details get stolen or you access a phising website. VPN helps you hide your details and can keep all your financial information protected by hiding your web activity. This way they dont even know you are accessing online checkout.

Access restricted or international content: VPN connection helps you unbreak geoblocks and access to different countries networks. This way you can watch your favorite movies or access sites that are other wise blocked in your country. This is very good and useful if you are, for example a traveller or tourist.

We have also written a guide how to access international content with netflix when using VPN.

So all in all when you are using VPN to watch netflix in China or just wanting some extra privacy, right VPN is the way to go.

Pros of using VPN-software

Anonymity – normally you internet service provider (ISP) can see information about your internet use and traffic. Using VPN hides this data effectively from ISP and so for example authorities cannot see your hidden data.

Safety – VPN protects all data which goes between the device you are using and VPN. This makes even public WiFis very safe to use.

Hiding IP-adress – Normally, without VPN, every website sees your IP address. When you are using VPN they can only see the address of VPN server. With this way you can manipulate your geolocation to access websites and services that are elseway blocked. For example you can watch USA Netflix from a country that has no access to Netflix in general.

Safe P2P-loading – Also VPNs make you able to load P2P programs safely and without risks. Not all service providers allow loading torrents, so we made sure to tell people what VPNs allow torrenting.

There are so many VPN service providers that it is really hard for one person to find the best VPN. That is why we tested almost every VPN in the world to find what is best for particular use. This makes it alot easier to find best VPN.

What is best free VPN?

There is no such a thing as best free VPN. All free versions of network securing tools are often used for malicious activities and might lead to compromises. Often free versions of service can cause a lot of headaches, they can install programs to your computer by themselves or mine cryptocurrency using your hardware.

If you use any free VPN found from internet that is not known or popular you are in danger. Use only VPN services that you know or have used before, we don’t suggest trying your luck with them.

Only way to use free VPN safely is by using free-trials from well known VPN providers listed below:

NordVPN is located in Panama, far from scout intelligence areas which gives calm mind for everyone who wants online privacy. NordVPN profiles itself as a very high security and safe service which does not keep logs about their customers.

They offer very strong encryption, allows Bitcoin payments and allows “double-hop” VPN for people who want it. All things considered it is the best VPN in the markets right now.

ExpressVPN has been going for decades and is still very strong pick for one of the most effective VPNs.

End to end strong encryption, cheap monthly payments and high security levels together with possibility for high quality streams makes this one of the best VPNs in the market right now.

Cyberghost located in Romania is one of the most favourite VPNs in the market. It has over 5800 servers which many of them are fully streaming compatible.

With CyberGhost you can connect 7 different devices and the software is compatible with most platforms. It also has automatic kill-switch and IP-blocker. Also this service has strict no-log policy and highest money back guarantee 45 days.

Best VPN services - things to consider

Commercial VPNs secures their customers connection. In reality this means that the used device connects to the internet through service providers server which is very strongly encrypted. But for this encryption it has many things you should know.

VPN does not remove the need of internet service provider because ISP makes the internet-connection. ISP can also see how much data is being transferred.

What ISP cant see is what data is being transferred becuase it is encrypted. VPN acts as a go through server which makes ISP only see that the user is connected to internet through VPN server. So ISP cant see the websites you are visiting.

Authorities intelligence is only founded on ISp providers information so VPN protects this way strongly from outer eyes. But if the people who is using VPN is a bad person and uses it for illegal purposes not even VPNs can save him. Authorities will eventually catch him.

Public Wi-Fi and hotspots

Internet Service Providers: In connection with the VPN server and the best possible connection to the encrypted Internet service provider:

Private WiFi networks are mostly always encrypted, but the situation is important different with public networks.

The most common problems in public networks are snipers, they have the right to steal people’s data on public networks, including the “evil double” dot.

Evil Twin hotspots are called user-destroying, such as “free airport WiFi” or “hotel client Wi-Fi,” designed to trick users who connect people into them.
All hackers would have access to VPN users’ data if they could read or examine it in any way. See the idea of ​​encryption.

VPNs are proxies

VPN proxy option instead of VPN: IP addresses and location can be found IP addresses. Complete only the VPN provider uses the correct IP pointers.

Service providers typically have servers around the world. For example, a Finnish user can connect their computer in New York, which provides a server and thus view them on Netflix. This is a kind of exchange of location information to the desired location, allowing access to geographically limited services.

A VPN on a torrent network is virtually essential if you want to perform a security download. Normally, when downloading without a VPN, no IP address can be easily resolved. When using a VPN, spies are strongly shown the IP address of the VPN server. By continuously selecting a VPN service provider, the service provider forwards through traders to the trademark owners.

Recently, many Internet connections have entrepreneurs block VPNs: they use all IP addresses if they are available to VPN providers. There are all means according to the inventions between all service providers and all service providers.

When recommended users of VPN services benefit in conjunction with VPN services, do they immediately try the guarantees. They allow you to test the functionality of streaming services before you actually purchase the service.

Security and anonymity

VPN service providers know the identities of their customers and what they do online. Some service providers minimize the information they receive from their customers, for example by using shared IP addresses and refusing to maintain customer registers. 

Some service providers accept anonymous payment methods, such as Bitcoins or store credit cards. 

Mullvad accepts payments even in cash posted. However, there are a few concerns about the privacy provided by VPN services:

Service providers always know their customers ’IP addresses, with some exceptions. 

If your ISP provides VPN over an anonymous Tor network, your IP address will also be protected from your ISP. However, services that do not maintain a customer register can monitor their customers ’activities in real time. Service providers can also be forced to keep a customer register, for example through legal action.

In fact, the idea of all VPN services is to protect the anonymity of customers, where they actually do much better compared to ISPs. However, it is worth remembering that a VPN does not protect against everything, for example when committing serious crimes.

Leaking IP-address

As mentioned earlier, when using a VPN, the web page only sees the IP address of the visitor’s VPN server, not the IP address of the visitor’s own device. 

However, sometimes the IP address may leak. Any leak can be traced on ipleak.net. If the site displays your own or your ISP’s IP address, it is an IP leak. You should always check the situation at regular intervals, for the first time as soon as you enable the VPN service.


Even the best VPN services do not work properly. A VPN connection is not always completely stable and can sometimes be disconnected for some reason. There is a need to worry about disconnection, because then the Internet connection is not encrypted in any way. Also, a break may not always be noticed.

For those who download torrents, disconnections can be really dangerous. Torrents are often left to download alone for long periods of time and the connection may well be lost during download. The salvation in this situation is a kill switch (emergency stop function). 

The kill switch blocks access to the Internet without a VPN connection. In other words, when the VPN connection is lost, the Internet connection is also lost. In Kill swits, you should prefer firewall-based swits, but for the most part, any kill switch will run its course perfectly.

Which free VPN is the "strongest"?

Many people ask this question before they choose service provider. But with VPN:s what means the strongest? For us, we think that strongest means highest encryption and security with strong no-log policy.

We would also keep and eye on the country the VPN:s or the companys running them are located as they have to obey the law that there are. Some VPN:n providers belong to different alliances that are forced to give information on customers when governments asks them.

There are only two VPN:s that we consider the real strongest or the real champions and they are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. These two offer the highest security with reasonable price without losing steam from speed and connection. Actually these two are often the fastest and smoothest when it comes to streaming, downloading or uploading.

Are cheapest VPN always the best?

Somehow people always want to connect term cheap with good. They are not linked together. Very rarely you can pay few bucks and get high-end service. You need to billing to may more in order to get better service.

But VPN:s are different. They can be cheap and good at the same time. This is because the service itself is kind of a like Saas that can be used everywhere anytime, because they are based in the net itself.

If you don’t believe that cheap VPN can be good, you haven’t tried our top-list.

You can start using popular VPN:s for free and then start paying if you find them good enough. This is the best way to analyze what VPN is really the best for you. The free-trials offered to new customers can range from 30 days to even 45 days and you can combine them to get over 100 days of free VPN service.

A good VPN does not cost a fortune:

You can get access to popular VPN:s with only few dollars. This way you can enjoy your streams, games and security with any device, everywhere.

  • ExpressVPN costs 8,32 dollars a month, with whopping 3000+ servers around the world. This plan also includes 5 different devices you can use it on. – Get it here
  • NordVPN costs even less 6,58 dollars a pop with over 5000 servers around the world and 6 different devices. – Get it here
  • CyberGhost comes with 4 dollars a month, 6800 + servers and 7 devices. – Get it here

See? They are all cheap. The only question would be why don’t you use VPN, when it costs only margin of a price of internet connection or electricity. You can also set automatic billing so you can forget the hard way of paying bills and enjoy the service.

Even though you can see by yourself that VPN:s are cheap, still many refer them to as costly.

What is the fastest VPN in the world?

This question is hard, as many VPN providers offer very similar speed in download and upload. But if we had to choose the fastest one, we would go with NordVPN as it is the most sought after VPN service in the world at the moment.

We can get top performance speeds with NordVPN in the whole world, of course depending from location you are connected.

Good number two is ExpressVPN with very similar results that NordVPN, but is little bit more costly that is why we choose NordVPN as number one choice when it comes to speed.

With this question we also find another very often asked question. Heres the question and answer.

Does VPN slow down computer and how to make it faster?

Of course every program you use with your computer uses memory and resources, VPN is no different.

But VPN only causes a slight decrease in internet speed, by using little bit more resources on the ordinary connection. With good VPN this is not a concern as all premium VPNs are optimized for speed and performance. Nobody wants to use internet that is slow and throws you back to the 90s.