How to use a VPN?

VPN is your best bet to stay private and anonymous while surfing online. With any of our reviewed VPN providers it is fast and easy. Actually you could be using VPN right now.

But the real question is, how to use VPN and how do they work? We’ll take you through every step that you need to know about VPN:s and how they work.

Easiest to use VPNs for everyone


VPNs are designed for everyone, that is why using them is no rocket science. We take you through the necessary steps, so you can yourself choose what VPN to use and how to use it.

Choosing right VPN and installing it:

  1. You can start with any popular VPN shown on this page. They are all secure, cheap and have top-notch user experience.
  2. Start by entering chose VPN website and register there. You are first offered free-trial period in which you can test its performance. Usually these free trials last for 30 – 45 days depending on service.
  3. When you have registered, you need to log in their website. There you get install link where you can download the software for your device (computer, laptop or mobile device).
  4. Download the software, open it and log in there. Take the steps needed, they are given in the download page. Often this step required extra authentication for example a keycode that you need to paste to your software.
  5. Now you have VPN on your devices, open it and start using it.

But how do VPNs work?

Understanding how VPNs work is not necessary, but its always good to know how everything works, right? We try to cover the basics as easy as we can, so let’s start.

VPN is a service that encrypts the connection between your device and endpoint, which can be for example a website.

When you fire up your VPN, you can choose which country server you want to connect. When you connect to the server, your current connection will be tunneled through that server and the endpoint only receives information about the server, not your computers network.

This way you can hide what you are doing on your computer and also hide your location and secure your stay in the internet.

Many people ask if VPN is illegal, is this true?

VPNs are not illegal, even though they hide what you are doing. There is a misconception between using a VPN and using it for illegal activities which is strictly forbidden.

VPN connections only help you stay secure and access different countries networks, for example with streaming purposes. You can watch a movie that is not yet published in your country by using a VPN service. Or you can use public Wi-Fi:s safely when connected there through VPN.

Below is a picture that helps you understand how simple but yet effective Virtual private networks really are.

how VPN works

Installing and using VPN is the easy part but where things get tricky is the part where you need to find the best VPN for your needs. Different VPN users have different needs, where other need it for streaming and others only for security purposes.

You need to be sure about the use of your upcoming VPN. Some VPN providers are focused on offering unlimited Torrents, Some high-quality HD / 4k streams and others are only considered about keeping no-log policy and anonymous seucrity tunneling.

Why use VPN?

VPN is a must in todays world where your online doing play a huge part in your daily life. You make most of your payments, shopping time-spending in the internet so you want to make sure no one can exploit that.

All people use VPN from businesses to individuals. Imagine walking in the airport and only connection you can get is public Wifi. You know that public connections are not safe, but you still decide to use it. Eventually your data can leak to bad peoples hands who can abuse the data.

A VPN secures and hides your connection so that your data cannot get to wrong hands. Next time you visit the airport you can even make bank payments without risking your account. (at your own risk of course).

There are usually two main purposes that a VPN is used for and they are:

For entertainment purposes

VPNs are not only for individuals who are looking to get the job done with secure connection. Many people use Netflix or other streaming services to spend their freetime in their homes.

Many times good movies or episodes come many years later to particular destination. Therefore you could have seen it if u used VPN and connected to the published countrys server.

That means you can access your favourite entertainment platforms anywhere from the world.

For online privacy

Consumers are more and more aware about cybercrime and security breaches. The trend of social made has made cybercrime daily basis where accounts get hacked and data stolen.

These individuals who use VPN are safe on the other hand. But part of staying secure is also keeping your passwords hard to guess and log-in details safe at all times.

Also many service providers keep track of what you do online and to prevent this from happening you need to hide your connection. The only secure way to do that is use a VPN provider that has no-log policy.